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I want this!


94 ratings

Disclaimer: the mod is totally free but every dolar counts. This mod have more than 3.500 people using it. And a lot of them contribute with the development (with donations) all that I can say is THANKS to the community for your support.

MASSUN92´s ASSET PACK for DCS, include:

2.1 (01/2023)

NEW! 3x Animated ground crew (You can find them on the "Ground units -> infantry" They move BUT they dont have a walk animation cycle yet. Check video on the bottom of the page. -They have 5 liveries each - 
NEW! 4x Buildings (Real life buildings from a very known airport on Europe.. who can identify from where they are?)  
UPDATE! 7x ground crew (they don't move: "Statics -> personnel")- They have 5 liveries each -
UPDATE! R11 WAH volvo refueler truck. Amazing detailed. I recommend to check the interior, is preety cool! (static and animated)
UPDATE! Heavy TUG -> now JBT B400 real life size and "prototypical" it came with interior too! 
 Destruction models for the new elements will be added later*

2.0 (08/2022) (maybe you can expect some BUGSSSS! so, please if you find one, contact me via mail)

NEW! 7x Hescos structures with sandbags and more details
NEW! containers with more details and lods
NEW! container towers with and without lights (for the night-- maybe a little unreal BUT super awsome looking)
Destruction models for the new elements will be added later** (yeah, its start to look like ED stuff.. but I´m a busy man)

PD: You can put soldiers inside the structures!! Try it, is awsome!

1.8 (03/2022)
NEW! 3 types of lights to improve your night ops!! (now you can see illuminated other aircrafts in the dark. (I provide a Incirlik light templete)

1.7 (01/2022
NEW! R11 volvo refueler truck drivable!

1.6 (12/2021)
NEW! 2 types of revenments
NEW! USAF shelter (green /white)
NEW! 2 types T-walls
UPDATE! Improved textures for sandbags walls
UPDATE! Improved textures on Containers add an office container and improved destroyed textures for them.
Bug fixed - objects disappear from the view
- added destroyed versions to cargos

NEW! 4 types of barriers
NEW! 5 types of tents
improved TUG Heavy

NEW! 3 Cargo variants
NEW! Boarding ladder


NEW! Tug Heavy
NEW! Fire Extinguisher
NEW! Cones
NEW! Platform B-4 - open and closed
NEW! Toolbox

Changes: The file system is totally reworked (Thanks to WarLord!!) 
The different elements are in their categories
Now the same elements woth other colors you can change it with the liveries tab

NEW!! Tug Ram 2500
NEW!! Tug Harlan
NEW!! AMMO Loader MHU-83
NEW!! Generator (electricity and air) AM32a60 from the USAF

Conteiners (blue, light blue, green, tan and dobles with 2 variatons)
Outpost (super HD version of the original outpost of DCS) 
Road Outpost A 
Road Outpost B
Military tent A
Barrier (closed and open)
Sandbags (line, "l" and "C")
Hesco Barrier (simple and doble)

- I will include more and more assets. If you colaborate I will have more time to expend on it

I want this!

Improve your inmersion with this asset pack! Build super detailed missions!


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